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Yup we've got 'em!


We carry a full lineup of Electra GO! and Raleigh iE series electric bikes.


Stop by the shop to see what we have in stock, and how many different options we have available for your riding style!

Services & Pricing


Note: Unless otherwise stated, the following prices are solely for the cost of labor. Fees for parts, as needed, will be estimated separately.

Minor Tune-Up: $49.95 Save $5! $44.95 
  • Check the derailleurs and brake cables
  • Adjust and lubricate the derailleurs and brake cables
  • Check and secure all nuts and bolts on the bike
Basic Tune-Up: $64.95 Save $5! $59.95
  • Everything listed above for the "Minor Tune-Up"
  • Adjust bottom bracket
  • Adjust the headset
  • Adjust the hubs
  • Adjust the derailleurs
  • Adjust brakes and brake cables
  • Minor wheel truing
  • Lubricate the drive chain
Basic Overhaul: $99.95
  • Everything listed above for the "Basic Tune-Up"
  • Cleaning of all drive train parts (chain, derailleurs, crankset & freewheel) in our parts washer
  • Suggestions on replacement cables (if necessary)
  • Suggestions on replacement housings (if necessary)
Major Overhaul: $149.95
  • Everything listed above for the "Basic Overhaul"
  • Repack bottom bracket
  • Repack headset
  • Repack hubs (includes new ball bearings)
Squeal & Crash Prevention Brake Service: $29.95
  • Complete brake service
  • Adjust all brake components
  • Align brake pads to your wheel
  • Minor wheel truing
Tar Pits Full Drive Train Service: $49.95
  • Complete drive train cleaning
  • Clean and lubricate chain
  • Clean and lubricate derailleurs
  • Clean and lubricate crankset
  • Clean and lubricate freewheel or cassette
Weeble Wobble Wheel Truing: $15.00 and up
  • Weeble (Minor Wheel Truing) - $15.00
  • Wobble (Major Wheel Truing) - Prices vary by severity of damage
Wheel Building (Labor per individual wheel): $50.00
Wheel Building (Labor per pair of matched wheels): $100.00
Flat Tire Service: 
  • Schrader Tube - $6.00 
  • Presta Tube - $7.00
Handlebar Conversion: $75.00
  • Handlebar, brake levers, brake cables & grips - additional (varies)
All other services: $60.00 per hour


New Bikes!

Every New Bike from Nokomis Cycle Includes:

• 10% off All Accessories

• FREE Bike Setup

• FREE 1 Yr Flat Tire Repair

• Lifetime Adjustments

• Lifetime Frame Warranty

• FREE Air for Life!

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